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Church in Denmark

I’ve been spending this week in Århus, Denmark with Cantus Aeterna, a project by “Ung Kirkesang”, the Norwegian organisation for sustaining and promoting chamber/church-music-activities among youth. The idea behind the choir is to be the representational choir of Ung Kirkesang, consisting of young’ish singers from all over Norway. I’ve felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a member of the choir since it’s conception in 2005. Sadly Århus will be Cantus’ last appearance for quite a while, as the project is being put on hold for now. It’s been a good five years. A very good five years. Alas, it turns out that a lot of 16 – 25 year olds lead quite busy lives. Committing a year in advance to being in a specific city at a specific time while studying full time is not easy, so the choir is now in an hiatus.
But this post isn’t about the choir not being in the future. This post is about the choir being now. In Århus. continue reading »

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Thoughts on Original Thoughts


John: “Hey! I have an idea!”
Henry: “Oh dear, now what?”
John: “What if someone could invent something you could pour your un-diluted juice into, and at the push of a button it would mix the un-diluted juice with water from the tap at the exact ratio you tell it to!”
Henry: “Hmmm, that would actually be quite useful, provided someone could make it work.”
John: “Meh, I’m sure someone has thought of it already.” continue reading »

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