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The Productivity Problems

The following is an extract from the well known medical sciences textbook, Gray’s Atlas of Productivity. It describes some of the most common productivity-related conditions experienced by students during their days at university.   Condition: Lastminitus Symptoms: The student can… continue reading »

The 22nd of July, 2011

I guess everyone kind of waits for it to happen. No one wants it to, but everyone expects it. Perhaps in a year, perhaps in ten years. All anyone can do is hope the damage will be limited when it… continue reading »

Let’s fly the flag for… nationalism?

On a piece of cloth, or a scrap of paper. Painted onto a cheek, or made up by a bunch of pixels on a computer-screen. If it happens to be a flag, it means something special to someone. But does… continue reading »

British politics as seen through my Norwegian eyes

I have now been fortunate enough to have lived in Edinburgh for two and a half years. During that time, and annoyingly in the middle of an exam-period, I was fortunate enough to witness a UK general election. I have… continue reading »

En tidligere korgutt om bråket rundt Domkirkens Guttekor [Norwegian]

Stavanger domkirkes guttekor betyr mye for mange. Det har kommet tydelig frem på Aftenbladet sine debatt-sider i det siste. Det som ikke kommer frem i debatten er hvor mye guttekoret betyr for guttene som synger og har sunget i det.

The internet really isn’t that great… Comparatively

Don’t tell my insurance-company, but sometimes I engage in one of these hazardous new-age activities known as “thinking”. When I get around to doing this, I often find myself thinking about how great the internet is. After all, it is… continue reading »

My Best First Job Ever

As I mentioned in the previous post, this summer I am employed as a summer intern at Opera Software in the department of Quality Assurance on mobile devices. This post is about the first four of my eight weeks there.

The one in which I go to the Opera

I’m lucky. Very lucky. Before summer I applied for a summer internship doing Quality Assurance in the mobile devices department at Opera Software. I had no real expectations about actually getting the job, but to make a long story short,… continue reading »

Why singing in a choir is a lot more fun than you think it is – Denmark, part 3

This is a continuation of part 2. This will be the final post in this series of Denmark-posts, I promise. I didn’t want to make the other posts too long, for the sake of the few of you who will have… continue reading »

Music, heat and hens – Denmark, part 2

This is a continuation of part 1. Having arrived and settled in, it was time to delve into the many charms of festival life. While the previous-post was more or less a chronological description of events, this post will be disjointed,… continue reading »

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