Very Good, Jeeves!

Very Good, Jeeves!Very Good, Jeeves! by P. G. Wodehouse
Series: Jeeves #4
Publisher: Doubleday
Released: June 20, 1930
Pages: 305
Show synopsis

Jeeves is not only the tireless servant to the feckless Bertie Wooster, but savior to a good number of others. Here, Jeeves helps Bingo Little in the affair of the marooned cabinet minister; Sippy Sipperly when he's persecuted by his former headmaster; Tuppy Glossop in his foolhardy pursuit of opera singer Cora Bellinger; and Bertie's fat Uncle George's brushes with the lower classes!

Unsurprisingly, this Wodehouse book contains short stories in which Wooster and his friends get helped out with their problems by the Gentleman’s man-servant, Jeeves. The style is, of course, the same as the other Wodehouse-books I’ve read, and that is not a bad thing. Unfortunately I didn’t find this particular collection quite as funny as the two preceding Jeeves-books, and at times everything became a little too predictable. Still a decent read, but far from my favourite Wodehouse.

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