The 33, Episode 1: Pramantha

The 33, Episode 1: PramanthaThe 33, Episode 1: Pramantha by J. C. Hutchins
Series: The 33 #1
Publisher: J. C. Hutchins
Released: January 29, 2014
Pages: 39
Show synopsis

Pramantha: Part 1 is the first episode of THE 33: award-winning author J.C. Hutchins' innovative new monthly series.

After cutting a deal with a mysterious recruiter, Addison Creel is thrust into a world he barely understands. He's been called to join The 33 — a group of thirty-three misfits tasked with protecting humanity from ruthless criminals, malicious technologies, black magicians and hostile supernatural beings.

Addison's first day on the job brims with brainbenders: teleportation, sorcery, nanotech. But that's easy compared to his first mission: Investigating a rash of violent, shocking suicides at a high-tech, high-profile commune in Washington.

Will Addison's unusual gift — and the gifts of other The 33 members Bliss, Azael, Mad_Ana and John Swords III — be enough to thwart the twisted epidemic before it spreads?

Inspired by episodic TV and serialized comic book stories, The 33 is a high-stakes genre mash of action, sci-fi and supernatural thriller. New episodes are released monthly.

The 33 is an interesting concept: an episodic story, with one new episode being released every month. This is the first part.

While I’m not sure that I’m completely sold on the concept, this is a very promising start to what seems like it will be an entertaining ride. This first part sets up the premise in a way which leaves me wanting to see what happens next. The second part is already out, and I guess I’m left with no choice but to read that soon as well.

A few more episodes down the line, I’ll be interested to see whether I feel like the bite-sized consumption of this story adds to it. I have a feeling I’ll be left thinking “So, why couldn’t I just have read all of this at once?”, but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong as the series progresses.

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