Novels from Upper Secondary School

This is part of a series of wrap-up posts I’m doing for books I read before I started noting down the time I read them, and writing reviews for them, but I still noted down that I had read them, along with a star rating. These are some novels I read as set reading during

Books from Primary and Secondary School

This is part of some wrap-up posts I’m making with books for which I’ve noted down ratings for after having read, but without having noted down any dates, or written a review. This post covers some of the first books I started keeping ratings for, books that were set reading in Primary and Secondary school.

Free-time reading from childhood

This is one of my wrap-up posts for books that I’ve noted down ratings for, but that I rated before I started writing proper reviews. These books were free-time reading from the last years of Primary School. Heksene by Roald DahlPages: 188GoodreadsRating: 4/5This is not a fairy-tale. This is about real witches. Real witches don’t

The Harry Potter Schoolboks

This is part of a series of wrap-up posts I’m doing for books I read before I started writing reviews for them. This one is for the two Harry Potter schoolbooks that were released for charity, written by Rowling under pseudonyms. Quidditch Through the Ages by J. K. Rowling, Kennilworthy WhispPublisher: Bloomsbury Released: March 11,

Plays from Upper Secondary School

This is one of a series of posts covering books I read after I started star-rating them, but before I started writing proper reviews for them. They will consist of a few words on what I remember about the books, and what I thought about them. This post will cover plays I read in a

Byens Spor: Skyggeboken

Byens Spor: Skyggeboken by Lars Saabye ChristensenSeries: Byens Spor #3 Released: August 5, 2019Pages: 544GoodreadsRating: 5/5Hva hører vi når vi lytter til byens lyder? Hvilke spor etterlater den i oss? Hvem er det i andre enden når det ringer? Sentralt i Byens spor står Maj Kristoffersen, hennes skjebne er tett vevd sammen med byen og

Harry Potter

This is part of a bunch of collection-posts for books I read before starting to write reviews for them, instead writing down whatever I remember about them. This post is for an obscure series of books known as the Harry Potter series. I’ve read them several times, but not since I started doing reviews. So

The Productivity Problems

The following is an extract from the well known medical sciences textbook, Gray’s Atlas of Productivity. It describes some of the most common productivity-related conditions experienced by students during their days at university.


Condition: Lastminitus

The student can regularly be heard uttering phrases like “Oh, it’ll be fine. It’s not due until the day after tomorrow!” and “Not now! I’ve got loads of time!”

The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy by J. K. RowlingPublisher: Little Brown and Company Released: September 27, 2012Pages: 503GoodreadsRating: 3/5A BIG NOVEL ABOUT A SMALL TOWN … When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock. Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey,